2023 Australian Masters National Championships wrap up

Published Sun 18 Jun 2023

16 CRC athletes travelled to Sydney in June 2023 to compete in our most successful Masters Nationals campaign to date.

With perfect weather conditions the whole week, we had many highlights from our on water performances as well as bonding together off the water. Overall the club finished 8th on the club point score (out of over 100 clubs), and our coach Drew Holman finished 19th (out of over 1,000 athletes)!

Firstly, we should acknowledge Fiona Abbott who was selected to compete in the Victorian Masters State Team, bringing home a silver medal in the ISWD8+ event. Simon Coker was also selected as a reserve for the men’s state squad and was a valuable support to the crew in the lead up to the event.

Carrum athletes brought home medals in 20 events as follows:

5 Gold:

  • WA4+ Sara, Cindy, Angelique, Lacinta (PHRC), Jess C (cox)
  • WA2- Morgan and Jacquie
  • WB4- Jacquie, Morgan, Bec (WBRC) and Jess F
  • WB2- Jacquie and Jess F
  • MC8+ Drew with Toowong composite

6 Silver:

  • IS8+ Fi with Victorian crew
  • WA8+ Sara, Jess F, Jacquie, Morgan, Angelique, Cindy, Lacinta (PHRC), Emily (PHRC), Jess C (cox)
  • WA4- Jacquie, Morgan, Bec (WBRC), Jess F
  • WB8+ Sara, Jess F, Jacquie, Morgan, Angelique, Cindy, Anya, Fi, Jess C (cox)
  • MB2- Drew and Stuart
  • MD2- Drew and Nick (YYRC)

9 Bronze:

  • MA8+ Drew with UQ composite
  • WC4+ Sara, Angelique, Cindy, Fiona, Jess C (cox)
  • MC4+ Drew, Stuart, Simon, Conrad (HRC), Jess C (cox)
  • XC4+ Drew, Stuart, Cindy, Angelique, Jess C (cox)
  • MC2- Drew and Stuart
  • MD4+ Drew, Conrad (HRC), Bob (TOOW), Simon, Jess C (cox)
  • XE4+ Simon, Anya, Liz, Ross (PHRC), Jess F (cox)
  • MixFG4x Mary, Helen, Ross (PHRC), Robert (TOOW)
  • MF2- Drew and Ross (PHRC)

Congratulations to all our athletes! We would like to extend a huge thank you to Rowing Australia, Rowing NSW, the amazing volunteers and the umpires for providing such a fantastic regatta for us. We look forward to Lake Barrington, Tasmania in 2024!

A selection of photos below: